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Fire Ant Control

fire ant mound treatmentsFire Ant Treatment Options

Do you have fire ants in your yard? Most of the time you will see a mound of dirt piled up where their nest is but sometimes it's not quite so obvious. If you live in the southern United States then chances are you could write a book on how difficult they are to control and how painful their bites can be and considering that there are over 285 types of stinging ants worldwide, treating your fire ant issues could mean a whole lot of trial and error unless you know the right type of thing to use for your particular kind of ant. If you have problems with fire ants, call Ameritech Pest Control in Dallas 214-589-2844 or 817-589-2844 in Fort Worth.
Fire Ant Bites are painful and may itch or sting long after the ant is no longer biting you. One ant can bite you more than once in the same area. You may experience swelling around where the ant bit you. You will most likely get a little blister with a white or yellowish colored head on it. If you are allergic to their sting, it can be life threatening. Seek medical attention if you experience hives, itching or stinging that isn't just near the bite, stomach cramps or other issues, difficulty breathing, swelling in your mouth or trouble swallowing, dizziness, or if you lose consciousness.

fire ant treatmentsHow To Stop Fire Ants: In the past there have been a lot of things people have tried to use in an effort to control fire ants in Ameritech Pest Control of Dallas 214-589-2844. A few have succeeded but most have failed. Pouring hot or boiling water on the mound may work to kill the ants that are located in the top of the mound but it won't do anything for those deep down in the nest. Pouring gas on the mound was rumored to work, but it really just stirs them up and they may move to another area. If you also consider its illegal if your caught it may not be your best option.

Keep Fire Ants Away: If you are certain your yard is fire ant free at this moment, then you can use what is called a barrier. They are made with a very strong insecticide and are sprinkled around the property's border. It can be in a spray or a dust form and as the fire ant goes through it to get into your yard it kills them. If you have them in your yard already it is perhaps best to get rid of them before you use a barrier. Once they are gone, you will be able to more effectively keep them out of your yard and your home in Ameritech Pest Control of Dallas 214-589-2844. The most commonly used treatment option that most homeowners use includes just spraying the mound and the ground around it where ants have been a problem. They can come in gallon jugs or cans. You can even get sprays in a powder form that you mix with water and "drench" the mound and your yard. It works but you may have to be persistent in eliminating your yard of those pesky ants. You can also choose to use ant bait that has an artificial food source combined with poison in it. Ants will come to it and take food back to the nest. If you have fire ant mounds in your garden or lawn call Ameritech Pest Control of Dallas 214-589-2844.

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