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Restaurant Pest Control

common restaurant pest control problemsCommon Restaurant Pest Control Problems

There's no quicker way for a food service to lose business fast, than to let a pest control problem develop or blow out of control. No matter how high the quality of food and service is - if word gets out about a pest problem, business is sure to suffer. Customers certainly keep an eye on sanitation ratings in Dallas/Fort Worth, some even checking out this information on the web. Rumors of pest control issues can go viral and destroy a restaurant's reputation in its community and beyond. If you think you might have a problem with bugs in your restaurant or café, call Ameri-Tech Pest Termite & Pest Control 817-589-2844.

Awareness is key. Let's take a look at a few common restaurant pest control problems!


Cockroaches inspire a universal cringe whether from restaurant guests, wait staff or chefs. In fact they are almost a cultural symbol of a lack of cleanliness. Any sight of them is sure to do your restaurant harm and should be handled swiftly and thoroughly by a pest control professional. Bare in mind, cockroaches can survive for months without food and nearly two weeks without water. They can also easily enter your restaurant through food deliveries and other means so just trying to clean up to remove them on your own is hardly a good option. The last thing you want is a customer or health code inspector to see is a cockroach, trust me.

Rats and Mice

These rodents are attracted to food, which of course is why you'll often see them scurrying around dumpsters and trying to make their homes in dry storage areas. Rats and mice can carry disease and should be taken very seriously. Look at the Center for Disease Control's website if you need a reinforcement that there's nothing cute about finding a mouse in your restaurant. Certainly not a rat either! If a rodent problem is discovered at your establishment, contact Ameri-Tech, we know exactly what to do to!


Depending on the season and your restaurant's location flies can be a real problem and near constant annoyance if not dealt with by restaurant pest control professionals. Flies are also carriers of bacteria and disease, with the ability to quickly lay eggs nearly anywhere. Preventative measures before a fly out break and pest control protocols after seeing signs of them should be followed strictly. Swarms of flies all over food is not a selling point for any restaurant.

Don't be caught off guard!

Great harm can be inflicted on a business that doesn't take these threats seriously. Beyond the traditional methods of cleanliness, closing all food in sealed containers and keeping doors and windows closed to deny pests access (which are all still very important) a good relationship with a restaurant pest control company is now an absolute requirement. From inspecting for potential issues, to pest removal, to periodic checkups it is the best investments a wise restauranteur can ever make. Don't be caught off guard! Call Ameri-Tech Termite & Pest Control 817-589-2844.

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