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Bed Bugs

commercial pest control service motels appartmentsPests come in a variety of forms including insects and animals in and around Dallas/ Fort Worth. When these creatures invade your commercial property or business space, it is very important that you eliminate them before they cause serious damage to your profits. As more and more people are getting educated about bed bugs it is absolutely essential that your motel or hotel gets inspected; if there is any sign of bed bugs, treatment must start immediately and with regular inspections they can be irradicated. In some cases, bed bugs are brought in by an unsuspecting traveler, as they spread, rooms need to be inspected and treated by an experienced pest control company. Whether you are battling with bed bugs, wasps, bees, mosquitoes, cockroaches, gophers or rodents, our company can deliver high-quality, reasonably priced extermination services. Call Ameri-Tech Termite & Pest Control at 817-589-2844.


One other big problem during the summer time is mosquitoes in and around DFW. Practically everyone is aware of these extremely annoying insects that seem to appear during the summer.  Take care of the problem now before it becomes unmanageable. Get in touch with Ameri-Tech; we can set up measures that will prevent mosquitoes from nearing your property. Additionally, if you are experiencing massive pest problems, we can give you counsel on the best way to deal with such problems. For instance, communities where garbage are properly collected and disposed of usually have fewer problems with pests such as mosquitoes, flies and bees.

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