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block antsPest Control in Seagoville, TX - At Ameritech Termite & Pest Control we pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service. We have been proudly servicing businesses and homes in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex for over 30 years. If you need any kind of pest control service in Seagoville contact Ameri-Tech Termite & Pest Control Company. We are a locally owned business that focuses on the total removal of all of your bugs, ants, spiders etc. We care about our customers and you can trust us to do the job right the first time.

Facts About Seagoville, TX - Seagoville, a suburban residential community, is on State Highway 175 and the Southern Pacific line ten miles southeast of Mesquite in southeastern Dallas County. Interstate Highway 635, State Highway 75, and Interstate Highway 20 all skirt the community. Seagoville is on the original land grant of J. D. Merchant. One of the first recorded settlers in the area was Hugh L. Buchanan, who arrived in the 1860s. By 1867 John A. Brinegar had constructed a one-room log school with seats made of split logs. The early 1870s saw the arrival of the next group of settlers, which included the Cravens, Sorrells, Peaks, Moores, and Hawthornes, as well as the town's founder, T. K. Seago, who built a general store there in 1876. -TSHA

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Seagoville, TX Bedbugs, Fleas & Ticks - Bedbugs hide in beds, carpeting, blankets, clothing, underneath wallpaper, under towels, between window curtain folds, behind wall decors and behind wood furniture. They like to attack during the night and they will remain active until just before dawn. Bed bugs bite exposed skin of a man or woman in an infested bed and leave red-colored itchy dots. They do not wander away from sleeping and relaxing areas nevertheless they manage to travel in excess of 100 feet at night time to search for food. Bed bugs were once terminated in America but they are making a comeback by using international travelers. The most frequent places to discover them are hotels and condo buildings. The infestation can survive annually without food. This permits them to journey from different locations until they found a comforting place with food. They will hide on clothes and suitcases of travelers. In addition they reside in couches and can be transferred from home to home through used furniture. Domestic animals like cats have thick fur which makes for a fantastic hiding spot for bed bugs. Using public transportation like shuttle bus, railroads and cabs can bring you into contact with bed bugs which you then take to your office. Bed bugs are six legged parasitic pests that draw human and dog blood. Their length is about 1/4 inch with an oval flat shape. Their size resembles an apple seed. The upper part of their bodies has gold tinted hair, antennae and cone like eyes.

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Termite Treatment in Seagoville, TX - Termites are generally called silent destroyers, since they in many cases are trying to hide in your residence or in your garden without any indications of damage. All wood eating termites ingest cellulose based plant materials. Unfortunately, all homes no matter what their structure type, offers cellulose foodstuff for subterranean termites. Termites feast upon dead plants along with bushes within the earth. A subterranean termite's mouth is efficient at tearing parts of cellulose material. This particular ability is really what causes concern in houses.

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Preventive Pest Control - because there is more than one reason to hate Bugs! Most people I know dislike bugs and crawling or flying pest or insect of any size. Some can leave a bite that stings or itches, others want to share our living spaces and our food or even our blood.

Get ready for the Winter! Get ready for the Winter!

Fall has arrived in the Dallas Fort Worth area and colder temperatures are sure to follow. It is important to stay ahead of rodents as they are sure to be looking for a warm and dry place to make their winter nest; don't let it be at your place.

Dallas Bed Bug Problems Dallas Bed Bug Problems

Bed bugs are showing up in the Dallas area as travelers come from different parts of the globe with the insects in their suitcases. If you think you have a bed bug problem call Ameritech Pest at Fort Worth: (817) 589-2844 or Dallas: (214) 589-2844.

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